Tuesday, April 21, 2015


This is so fucking stupid that I felt a need to blog NOW, rather than think about it for a bit before shrugging my shoulders and going, "Meh."

 I'm actually kind of pissed about this. Maybe because I've had a string of incidents of editors violating their own contracts, because whatever, writers should be grateful lil' shits, right?

But this particular incident is sheer laziness.

Today I queried the editor to "Dreams from the Witch House"--a Lovecraftian anthology featuring stories by women--because I never received a response for my submission. And what kind of response did my query letter receive?

Dear Siobhan,

Thank you for your recent submission to "Dreams from the Witch House".
We received an enormous amount of submissions for this project.
Unfortunately, the story is not quite the right fit for the anthology.

All the best with your writing endeavors.

Kind regards
Lynne Jamneck

You're rejecting my query letter???? Great, but uh ... that's not what I asked. I wanted to know if my submission ever made it to your inbox, because internet goblins could've eaten it; all this tells me is that you couldn't be bothered to look. It's not like it's hard or takes all that much time. You do a search for X title story and see--oh, I did receive it! Or no, I never got it. Simple, and let's me know if there are any email issues. I've noticed that Gmail doesn't always like to work, and something similar could've happened with 1&1.

If it's not an email issue, and the editor got overwhelmed and missed some submissions, that's fine too. I'd still like to know what happened. 

Guess I'll never know. What I do know is never submit to this editor again.

 As an aside, does anyone else find it impolite to get a form rejection for a query letter? Because it's becoming increasingly obvious that editors (or should I say these people who pop up and put an editor hat on) have little to no respect for authors.

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