Wednesday, November 7, 2012

October W1S1 update

Well this is certainly late! Can't say blogging is a top-priority, but I'll try to get around to it more often. So how did October turn out?

Stories written: 1 (2,600-word timeslip/slipstream)
Stories submitted:17
Stories accepted: 1
Stories rejected: 22

Yes, another sale! This time to Space and Time for a flash piece, which I'm quite relived since this story has been in circulation for over year; it made to 2nd-round at a few places, but alas, could not tempt an editor--till now. Plus, Space and Time has some very cool covers, check them out. (It's neat to see how their covers have changed over time.)

Not much else to report other than I'll try to get back on the Penumbra horse again. I'll probably do an updated review of The Secret World, now that the game is about 3-4 months old and recently had its first holiday event.

And now the ugly circus known as "politics" has settled (or will settle one the talking heads shut up) we can get back to stuff that matters, like cartoon kitties! I rediscovered Simon's Cat on YouTube, still funny as ever.