Thursday, September 1, 2011

August: W1S1 (and other fun stuff)

 Yay for me, haha. I'm quite pleased with my writing progress for August. The low-down:

Stories written: 4 (3 flash, 1 short story collaboration)
Stories submitted: 9
Stories accepted: 0
Stories rejected: 5 (2 of these were sent back out in the same month)

Haha, I received two rejections within ten minutes of each other on the last day of August, way to end the month :P But I don't let that discourage me, because there are always other markets. I've already sent two of the rejected stories, and another one which I got tired of looking at.

And congrats to all the fine folks over at W1S1 for meeting their goals!!

As a bonus, I'd like to share some of my favorite short stories I've read in the month of August.

AN ELIZABETHAN TALE by Paul A. Freeman - very funny Shakespearean story over at EDF.

NIGHT VISION by Stewart Sternberg - creepy tale surrounding a mysterious black woman who helps others - for a price.

DEATH, REBIRTH. AN HEIR, A KARAKURI by J.M. Sidorova - if Blade Runner had been set in Japan and given a supernatural twist.

THE WORLD IS CRUEL, MY DAUGHTER by Cory Skerry - a twisted take on a classic fairytale from the witch's PoV.

And if you haven't already, definitely check out the Venture Bros. special From the Ladle to the Grave: The story of Shallow Gravy, which aired on August 28.