Tuesday, September 30, 2008

I little something...

This conscience of mine has gone astray; lost itself within a dreary dream.

This body of mine has no control; animated it was, like a wind up toy.

A duel reality was this existence, wandering the limits between corporal and soul.

It was this void that had me consumed. Its shroud enveloped me in obsidian mist that created an eternal nighttime. I wished for a constellation to guide me, but not even a star would make an entrance. All illumination was forbidden, banished into the deep recesses of the mind.

A haunting silence laid itself on my being, pushing down with the force of gravity. None the less, I pressed on. Inertia would not hold me back. Feet plummeted into the fleshy earth, it thumped under my soles; a beating heart. I felt thy nerves shredding with each step; sinking deeper into the cesspool of hysteria.

However, the desire to tear away was inconceivable, much like the thought of severing one's own limb from their body. I would sooner prolong this nightmare than to collapse into the arms of sweet serenity. I willed not to go into that undying light.