Saturday, May 9, 2015


 Due to boyfriend's new job, I recently moved to Los Angeles (or as I like to call it, the Forever City) and we're still adjusting to the place. As you can imagine, LA is vastly different to south Texas. Currently, writing is on hiatus. I'm also behind on a bit of publication news.

A couple things I've learned since being in LA:

If you see an apartment you like and it's a decent price--jump on it! We found this out the hard way when a missed out on a nice roomy apartment that didn't cost too much more than the usual one-bedroom apartment, plus it was in a very nice area.

Walk to work. Because traffic is a bitch here.

Nice weather but... Don't forget the sunscreen! You kind of forget that and wind up spending most of the day outside, only to return looking red (or in boyfriend's case, browner). 

Is that clouds or smog in the sky? I figure it's a bit of each.

People--everywhere!!!! I still miss the open deserts of Tucson. LA does feel very much like Phoenix, though I think Phoenix was cleaner.

LA hates dogs. Okay, so maybe not hate, but it's assumed that everyone is a bad dog owner and must be regulated. This means spay/neutering a dog at four months old. (That's just a puppy!) My friend Rez, who has over 40 years in dog breeding experience, says it's better to wait two years before snipping your ole boy; best is to never do it at all, but that means having to enter your pooch in dog shows/competitions. There's also a lot of pit bull hate (most apartments will not allow you to have one), even though pit bulls are very people-friendly dogs.

The Church of Whole Foods. Gluten-free, GMO-free, chemical-free... the list goes on. Fact is, if it's grown, it's organic. We haven't reached the age of synthesized foods yet. The belief that GMO-free foods are better is just that, a belief. Bill Nye did a pretty good piece on GMO foods (and how they are not the evil of evils). I highly recommend watching it.