Sunday, January 1, 2012

Happy New Year! (and W1S1 update)

Blogging in the wee hours because defcon made the mistake of drinking some white tea (they said there wasn't much caffeine in it!) around midnight. But it was soooo good. Anyway, now that's it's officially the new year, it's time for a official W1S1 update.

Stories written: 3 (500-word flash, 1,700-word tale of fractured Repunzal, and ~5,000-word para-detective-something)
Stories submitted: 12
Stories accepted: 2
Stories rejected: 7

See that? No zeros! December has been very good to me. I made my first sale to Abyss & Apex for a flash piece titled "Her Will", and my second sale to Uncle John's Flush Fiction antho for another flash titled "Death by Anything". Both pro-paying markets! So yes, I'm quite pleased. 

Special thanks to the folks over at W1S1 blog for starting this crazy writing endeavor and continuing it into 2012, and of course, all the participants on Absolute Write for their encouragement. You guys rock! And super-special thanks to the writing guru Rez who's helped me a TON with my writing -- with of course much whipping. I certainly wouldn't have the writing chops that I do today if it wasn't for him, and hope all is well with him.

Wishing everyone much success in the new year!

And as tradition, here's some Youtube awesomeness from Key of Awesome's new segment, Super Therapy! Enjoy!


  1. Nice stattage! And i know i've already congratulated you on the sales, but they deserve more congrats, so once again: Gratz on the sellage!

  2. Hehe, thanks for the extra congrats, Sam/Izz. :)