Saturday, December 15, 2012

Short Story: The Ungreat Escape

My story, "The Ungreat Escape," is here from Cosmos! And it's available to read for free on their site, so double woohoo. It's a sci-fi comedy about Lorelei's not-so-well-intentioned attempt at robbing a jewelry store--jetpacks included!

Some background on the story: It originally started as a cover prompt for Comets and Criminals issue #3. Basically, Izz (Samuel Mae) had a cover but no story attached to it. So a few of use decided to fill that void. Obviously I didn't get in, but Lillie (aka Lydia S Gray) did--check out her story here.

The story underwent revision, gained 700 words, and was sent off again into the great big world. And for the record, it faced 12 rejections before it found a home (which means unlucky 13 was actually the opposite!)

With this sale, it gives me hope on writing a sequel or two since it's so, so hard to find an editor who enjoys your sense of humor. I love Lorelei's character, and I'll be the first person to admit she is a complete twit--but she's my twit--and the bizarre way she gets herself in trouble.

So hope you enjoy "The Ungreat Escape" and leave a comment if you'd like.

(P.S. I still dislike blogger's new interface/system. Took forever to load this post.) 


  1. Really enjoyed this one! Tried to leave you a comment over there, but it doesn't look like it stuck. Great one-liners, great character, great voice -- looking forward to more.

  2. Hey, that was fun! Hope to hear more of Lorelei. And Cat Sparks has a lot of cred as both a writer and an editor, so congratulations.

  3. Be-lated "thank you!" to you guys. :) I do hope to write another Lorelei story.