Saturday, December 1, 2012

November W1S1 Update

Ahhhh! December already! Where has the year gone? And of course, I neglected my blog (again). Before I neglect it too longer, here's the stats for November:

Stories written: 1 (I might be smudging this since it's a rewrite, but it's heavily rewritten, essentially making it a new story--or at least not the same.)
Stories submitted:16
Stories accepted: 1
Stories rejected:15

Another slow month, but once again, some good news: acceptance from Cosmos! Funny thing is, the story was originally rejected, but turned out to be a misunderstanding. A few emails later and one minor rewrite, it all worked out. I'm glad that Cat Sparks is a very considerate editor who heard me out. So thanks!

This is also the story that received the "interesting" comments from another market's death panel. Which goes to show that although a story may not be for everyone, there's always someone who'll enjoy it--and even pay you.

Other than that, my month was spent on revising as I've once again allowed to stories pile up, when they really should be out there receiving rejections, lol. 

So I've been listening to Bastille, which as far as I know, is just one singer. And of course, he's from Britain (I'm starting to think Britain has all the singing talent.) Great voice, awesome music videos. And what's even cooler, Bad Blood and Flaws are connected, which I find neat. Nice to see some creativity in a music video, ya know?


  1. Cosmos! Well done -- and way to go on meeting and beating your W1S1 goals, to boot.

  2. Congrats! It's always interesting see the diversity of editor opinions on the same story... and refreshing and exciting when you find one who really gets it!

  3. Well done! Cosmos--awesome sale!

    And a major revision *totally* counts as a new story :-)

  4. Congratulations on making your November W1S1 goal. My technique for W1S1 is to write a first draft then rewrite the previous one and sub that one.

  5. Congratulations on making your W1S1 goal for November, and especially for the sale to Cosmos!

    Rhonda Parrish