Friday, December 9, 2011

Speak like K Stew

Notice anything different?

I had a random moment yesterday and decided to revamp the blog, a change is good once in a while. I find it amusing that I went from a cool color scheme to a warm colors (with a dash of teal). Probably play around with it some more. Wish the backdrop pic was bigger so I wouldn't have that ugly line, but that's nothing a little photoshop magic can't fix.

Anyway, for the sake of doing something on the blog (I do have another book review coming up - yay!), thought I'd share some more funnies from the awesome Key of Awesome.

And if you think that's a gross over-exaggeration of K Stew, check out this interview of her at Comic Con 2009.


  1. Love it! So funny! XD And digging the new colors :)

  2. =] And a great new look here. Only suggestion: make the title and subtitle a little darker so they POP!

  3. Glad you enjoyed it, Shiela. :)

    Thanks for the suggestion, Milo, I may try teal to see how that looks.