Saturday, December 3, 2011

Sick of this! (and W1S1 update)

No, I'm not sick of W1S1, I actually really enjoy the challenge and it's been great so far! You can visit the official W1S1 blog, here.

So, what are my stats for this month?

Stories written: 3-4(?) (all of them flash ranging from 400 words to under a thousand; one I'm not quite counting because it turned out to be more of a vignette than a story)
Stories submitted: 14
Stories accepted: 0
Stories rejected: 14 (several of these were re-submissions of rejected stories)

Not bad, eh? I'm going to try Writer's of the Future again this quarter. Last quarter was my very first time submitting to them, and I was surprised at how quick they were to respond -- and reject it, haha. Other than that, going to enjoy the madness that is the holidays, and hopefully complete Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion (it's such a fun game! though I do miss the post-apoc feel to Morrowind).

Anyway, keep on writing!

And as has become tradition, I have a YouTube vid to share. :) One of my favorites, too. Enjoy Lev's "Sick of This", I think some of you might relate -- I certainly did!

(btw, does anyone else hate the new YouTube look?)


  1. Google's changed the look of everything now (reader, too) to look like G+. Oh vell. Sweet W1S1 stats, and I've been there with WotF; my favorite rejection: "You are not a winner."

    Shoot me your email, and I'll pass it along to the ARCANE editor. Do you have a format of choice for the electronic ARC?

  2. Ahh, I see -- ick.

    Let's see, my WotF R said: "Your story has now been judged and did not win or place in the 4th quarter."

    Ah well, the story needs some oomph to it.

    I'll definitely email you, Milo, about the ARCANE. Yesterday I was a bit busy since I had to fight through the mobs at the mall for some Xmas shopping. Next year I'll do all my shopping on Amazon. :D