Monday, May 9, 2011

Trends Tomorrow: Bad Alien Romance?

*gazes into crystal ball*

Occasionally, I like to make predictions about what will become popular - who doesn't? I knew angels were going to be big in paranormal since they're the opposite of those bad boy vampires - so bad they sparkle. Although, somehow, the angels were turned into bad boys, too. Haven't seen so much of mermaids (or merpeople), but if you count the new Pirates of the Caribbean movie, then I wasn't too off.

So what shall be the next trend?

I'm thinking space, but not the traditional space opera stuff that Star Wars and other popular sci-fi novels are made of. Nope, it's going to focus on cute humanoid aliens and the humans they fall in love with. That's right, the next genre for paranormal romance to invade is science fiction. The horror! (No, it doesn't appear that the horror genre is making a come back any time soon.)

Makes sense if you follow the timeline and the angst relationship angle that is the foundation of paranormal romance:

First there was paranormal romance: I can't be with you because of my dark, sexy savage side, which may cause harm to you. Woe is me!

Now there is dystopia romance: I can't be with you because society says we belong to two different classes. Damn you society, DAMN YOU!!!

Next will be sci-fi romance: I can't be with you because we're two completely different species and our parts don't quite match up. Arg, biology!

Hints of this trend are movies such as Avatar and I Am Number Four (I know this was a book first, but pretty sure the book was there to promote the movie). There's also Katy Perry's E.T. music video, which smacks heavily of alien romance.

So what do you think? Are we in for some alien lovin'?

Al and Bliss, a human/alien couple from my works.
*edit*  I decided to take the former pic down since it wasn't mine and to put up one of my own works (back when I played around with photoshop). Credits to sims 2, background was googled.

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  1. I think you're totally right on. And yes, I too believe Number Four's sole purpose was to promote the movie. Silly James Frey :)