Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Top Five Key of Awesome Parodies

Now if you've never heard of Key of Awesome you need to check their hilarious parody music videos over on YouTube. They also have other comedy segments like the Barely Guys and Batman - if Batman had lost his job and had to be a tour guide to pay the bills.

It was incredibly hard to choose five of their parodies because I love them all to some degree, but since there's only room for so much...

#5 Bad Romance Parody

This video was my first introduction to KoA and I think I've watched it a hundred times. They really hit the nail on the head about all the goofy, out-of-place stuff that Gaga shoves into her music videos. Whatever happened to simplicity?

#4 Adam Lambert Parody

I don't listen to Lambert's music (or much of anything from today's music), but I did hear about the whole "scandal" with him getting too close to one of his male musicians. KoA makes a good point, two girl can kiss on stage (and Lady Gaga can show off her vagaga), yet two guys can't get close? WTF?     

#3 EMINEM Not Afraid Parody

"I'm not afraid to throw a chair. It was from IKEA, so I don't care." Love it when they take the big names down a notch. Really, stop whining already!

#2 Ke$ha We R Who We R Parody

I love both their Ke$ha parodies (check out Tik Tok) but this one hands down wins. Yes Ke$ha, you're trying to hard, tone it down - and take a bath. Also, adore the Ke$ha parent bits.

*drum roll*
#1 Jennifer Lopez On The Floor Parody (ft. Pitbull)

Poor Pitbull. Todd did a great impression of Pitbull (Dalai!) and every aspect about this you just can't help but laugh out loud. And might I say far superior to the original?

If you've got a favorite KoA feel free to share it!

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