Thursday, September 28, 2017

Podcasts: Fated Ink and The Ungreat Escape

This is a long, loooong overdue announcement, my short story "Fated Ink" was featured in PodCastle's Artemis Arising 3. The story isn't fully in print, but you can listen to it for free here. Unfortunately, my last name was misspelled; not sure how I missed it.

The narrator in "Fated Ink" is the gypsy from Ray Bradbury’s "The Illustrated Man," the one who gave the protagonist his tattoos. She didn't have any screen time in the original, but I thought she was fascinating and deserving of her own story. Fun character, might do more with her.

"Fated Ink" also marks my second SFWA sale, which is awesome even if I have no interest in joining SFWA. 

Next up, a long time favorite, "The Ungreat Escape" also received a podcast release over at The Way of the Buffalo. It's free to listen to, just click here!       

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