Friday, April 25, 2014

The Awesome Flintlock Pistol

Weapons come up a lot in fantasy, mostly the sword, but from time to time you might see some 'black powder age' weaponry, such as in Milo James Fowler's Minutemen (btw, where's the sequel to that?) 

Current story I'm working on has a witch that casts spells with a flintlock pistol, which I think is way cooler than a wand. Not to mention it's a classy weapon.

Some useful videos if you're thinking about using flintlock pistols in your story; first two specifically on reloading, last one on the general build and how it works.


  1. Seriously, where is the sequel? I've got a prequel out making the rounds (with Native Americans and aliens), if that's any consolation. The six-shooter was a much better weapon as far as reload-time, but the flintlock was quite classy indeed. And a spell-casting one? Too cool.

    1. Sweet! Looking forward to reading the prequel.

      Yeah, it's a spell-casting pistol, but still has the same drawback of one cast per shot. Although I suppose the curse could split itself, halving its effect, but able to hit more than one target. But in the story, she only fights one guy at a time.