Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Short Story Submission Calls

Because hey--everyone likes to know when a new market is open, right?

I found a couple of obscure ones that seem promising...

Words Without Masters


Pay: Flat fee of $200 (shorter stories of 2,500 words or less)

Guideline's blurb:
Sword & sorcery is an often misunderstood genre label that many mistakenly use as a synonym for fantasy in general. Like any genre, it is hard to nail down, being both specific and possessing astounding flexibility. Because we are just as interested in your definition of sword & sorcery as we are our own, we won’t try to define it here. Instead, you will find a few regularly updated lists of some of the personal preferences of our editor-in-chief. You are welcome, but not necessarily advised, to ignore them.

(Do check out their lists, as they're pretty insightful on what they do and do not want.)

Also very cool that we have another S&S market.

Aphrodite Terra


Pay: 3 cents/word

Guideline's blurb:
I’m looking for short stories of no more than 6000 words set on, or about missions to, Venus. I want literary. I want realism. I want facts that are right. If you think your story is a good fit for Analog, then I don’t want it. If you think you’d have trouble placing your story with a genre magazine, then I might well be interested in it. Try to avoid sf tropes – unless you’re going to deconstruct them, re-engineer them, or use them as very deliberate commentary. But, to be honest, I’m not looking for heartland science fiction. 

(Despite guidelines saying the deadline is Feb. 2014, if you check out this update, the deadline has been extended to end of May. Also hopefully more will consider this market as there is a possibility of the project being cancelled if not enough submit.)

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