Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Movie Review: Thor The Dark World

The Marvel movie comic franchise is certainly on a roll this year, first with Iron Man 3, now with Thor: The Dark World. I reviewed the first Thor film back in 2011, which in retrospect, I think was I too kind to it. The Dark World vastly improves on the first film, making it better. Yes, that's right, the sequel is actually good! How often can you say that? The big reason for this is because it does what sequels are supposed to do, which is to progress the storyline.

We pick up shortly after where the Avengers left us, Loki is chained up and facing punishment from his pseudo-father Odin, while Thor must travel to all the nine realms and clean up the chaos Loki has caused. Meanwhile on Earth, Jane Foster is searching for a way to return to Thor. Jane comes across some weird reality warp, located in an abandoned building, falls into another dimension and becomes possessed by the Aether. Bad things ensue.

The Aether goes back to the Dark Elves, but not the Tolkien elves you might expect. These elves are from space! They've got space ships, cloaking abilities, lasers and so on. Their main goal is to return the universe to its former pre-big bang days, using the Aether to do this. They're a cool aspect to the story, even if they remind me an awful lot of the Necromongers from The Chronicles of Riddick. You know, the deathly pale type with dark armor, and scary booming voices. However, I will gladly take Dark Elves any day over Necromongers. (Seriously? Who thought that was a good name?)

If it weren't for the ears, you'd think they were brothers!

 There's still the weakness of the romance between Jane and Thor; the chemistry between the two actors is basically none. So you just have to accept that they love each other. But you aren't watching this film for Jane and Thor. You're watching this for Loki. And the writers must've known this, because Loki has all the best lines, receives a good chunk of the screen time, even when he's locked up for most of the film, and is pretty damn awesome all around. Tom Hiddleston is obviously having a blast playing the role, and good for him, he's a great actor. Should definitely see him as Hal/Henry in The Hollow Crown mini-series. 

I also want to point out another kudo to the writers for sticking with the Thor-Loki dynamic, a dynamic very similar to Batman-Joker...had not both Batman film franchises dropped the ball when it came to the Joker, although understandable in Nolan's case. Still, when you got a great villain, why do away with him?

The action is well executed and appropriately paced, if not a little Star Warsy. We have time to morn characters, and the funeral scene is quite fantastic. Motivations are clear, you aren't confused about who is doing what. The storylines between Asgard and Earth are tied together in a neat little package, with a few surprises thrown in. And chances are high that you'll be laughing at quite a few moments.

So yeah, go see it.   

*edit* Found this gem on 'teh internetz'.

 Homoerotic Thor? Yes, please. :)


  1. Nice review. Much to my surprise, Thor continues to get more and more interesting and entertaining to watch as the years, as well as the movies, go by.

  2. Not sure if Portman has ever had much chemistry with any of her leads. I've heard good things about this one. Do they keep the campy humor? My favorite line from the last Thor: "I require a horse!"

    1. Oh yes, there is much campiness. I'd say the sequel is much funnier than the first film, which I think attempted to play things a little too straight. This time around everything is going off the rails. :D