Monday, September 30, 2013

W1S1 September Update

I don't have much to say about September except, "Crap! The year's almost over," so getting straight to the stats.

Stories written:1 (~5,200-word dark fantasy)
Stories submitted: 27 (including resubs)
Stories accepted: 0
Stories rejected: 24

Although kind of a downer month, had to send out several queries, only one of which was responded to, I did receive a rewrite request from Bards & Sages, so hopefully that turns out well.

I figure since I ranted about DOME (a.k.a Under the Dumb), thought I might talk about some of the new Fall shows, in the hopes that something will wash out that terrible dome taste.

Agents of S.H.I.E.D. (or AoS) is the new one from ABC set within the Marvel comic movie universe. It wasn't bad, though I really hate monologues, especially heavy-handed ones that point out the obvious. It could have done without--in fact, it should have done without.. The beginning, after the black guy saves the girl, was slightly confusing, where you have Pretty White Boy drive up, then poses as a waiter in a French restaurant, then scans a room for McGuffin. Then fisticuffs. No idea who I was supposed to cheer for. But I'm curious, at least for a couple episodes, where the show may go. I do agree with the criticism that every female, except for Melinda May, looks exactly the same. Young, medium height, trim waist, brunette... They get all their actresses from the modeling agency?

Sleepy Hallow from Fox, takes the short story written by Washington Irving and greatly expands upon it, in a four horseman of the apocalypse way. Nothing like creative license, right? Quite frankly, I'm impressed. Very interesting twist on the original story, good acting and character chemistry, mystery but not too much mystery that it loses you. And my God! It's so nice to see make-up artists being employed again! The creatures look spooky and cool and real. None of that CGI shit that Grimm employs.

Best "eeep!" moment (possible spoiler): in the beginning of the second episode, where John Cho's character, having had his neck snapped back in the previous episode, comes back to life, stumbling around the morgue with his upside-down head at his back. It's hard to describe, one of those you have to see.

Haven't seen anything else, because there wasn't a whole lot that interested me. I can't even recall what new offerings NBC has up. A comedy about terrible moms? Meh.

To wrap things up--ever wondered what Metallica's Enter Sandman would sound like as bluegrass? It would sound like awesome.


  1. Best part about SHIELD: seeing Gunn and Shepherd Book again. Hope Whedon continues to include familiar faces from the past.

    1. Ah, see, I have no idea who those characters are, lol. I haven't been following Whedon's work, so to me, it's kind of a waste. Strictly fan service, per se.