Wednesday, September 11, 2013

More Icing on the White (Cat)astrophe Cake

In case you didn't think things could get worse for White Scat, it turns out that it is worse--and strange!

The former editor of Conjurings, a subzine of White Scat, said this (hope you don't mind, Bart):
I quit in July, just after finishing the TOC for issue one. The owner paid for all of us to take this ridiculous anti-pedophile training. It was strange and offensive all at once; I don't deal with children in any capacity, and I was never expected to. If you're wondering where the money to pay authors went, at least part of it went to giving the junior editors the training they needed not to rape children.


I don't think there are really any words for this except WTF? If you don't know by now, most editors are volunteers, dedicating their time to these magazines because they love short fiction and want to bring about more of it into the world. So to treat these volunteers as though they were potential pedophiles is just--wow. 

But thanks to editor in chief Mr. Moore's unhealthy obsession with anti-pedophilia, contributors don't receive their payments. A real lack of priorities there. No consideration for the editors, or the contributors, or anybody, really.  

I take back the head up the ass comment. The editor in chief needs to check himself into a mental health institution and stay there, permanently.

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  1. Yikes. We have harassment training at my school every couple years, but I've never even heard of that variety.