Thursday, August 1, 2013

July W1S1 Update

Haven't done one of these in awhile, and I'm sure all one--maybe two?--of you are dying to know my stats this month. Failure? Success? Let's see!

Stories written: 3 (all flash pieces, because this was a flashy month... har har)
Stories submitted: 24 (including resubs)
Stories accepted: 2
Stories rejected:16

Had a vignette published this month, "Tag Team" from The Lorelei Signal. Unfortunately, the formatting is blah. I recommend copy & pasting the text into your word processor. Not much to say about the story itself other than a I had collected a couple fairytale twists from all the calls for fairytale themed what-nots last year. 

I was expecting a big-o rejection avalanche since everyone else was getting one, but I seem to be spared...for now. As for acceptances, both flash pieces (told ya, was flashy month), to Bete Noire and Perihelion--and a big thumbs to Perihelion for paying contributors on acceptance. Literally, hours after I signed and submitted the contract, I got a deposit in Paypal.

In contrast, don't expect to be paid on time by White Scat Publication. Despite saying payment within 45 days in their guidelines, it's more like whenever. I'm not an impatient person, but when it says 45 days, people expect 45 days or a well-reasoned delay. Also, don't expect to be included in a ToC on their website. In fact, don't expect much of anything from White Scat. There are far better and more organized publishers who are deserving of your time.

Anyway, let's enjoy "The Silence" from Bastille.



  1. Hey, don't knock the soy protein shakes. Spirutein is good! =] Enjoyed the tale, and way to go on your acceptances this month. White Cat...yeah. I had to email them two or three times before things were straightened out.

    1. I try to stay away from soy products--except for this soy chorizo which is tasty and way less sodium than the real stuff--but eating soy is essentially eating estrogen, which isn't good for you.

      Yeah, White Scat is going on my "don't bother" list. I feel bad for that poor woman Dora, who has to handle all the queries; many, I'm sure, are probably angry.

  2. Congrats on your successes. 24 submissions is impressive - I need to get busy there. Liked your story, "Tag Team," in The Lorelei Signal.

    1. Thanks! I enjoyed your story, too. :)

      24 submissions just means I got rejected a bunch, haha.