Wednesday, May 1, 2013

April W1S1 Update

For most, Spring is in full swing; but here in the Arizona desert, it's practically Summer. I have my fan going and window open, and it's still hot.

But enough complaining... How did this month turn out?

Stories written: 1 (I thought I had also written a flash, but turns out I had finished it last month, but didn't get around to revising it till this month.)
Stories submitted: 18
Stories accepted: 3
Stories rejected: 22

Much to my surprise, this was an excellent month. So I guess the heat and numerous rejections can be overlooked. This also beats my December 2011 record of having the most acceptances in a single month!

I had "Turnip Farmers are Heroes Too" accepted by On Spec, "By the Stars You Will Know Her" accepted by Plasma Frequency, and "Stone Within" which I co-authored with my very good friend Rez, accepted by Nightfall Magazine

Last time I forgot to share a music video, but I've recently found one on the Youtubes that's absolutely enchanting, while also haunting. It's a fan made video of Bat for Lashes cover of Bruce Springsteen's "I'm on Fire." The imagery of late French actress Francoise Dorleac, in her playful demure, to a heavy tune has a lingering effect. Enjoy!   


  1. Way. To. GO! On Spec? Very nice. Haven't been able to break into that one yet. We had our heat wave yesterday, but I think some rain's on the way.

  2. Ooh congrats on the fabulous acceptances :)