Sunday, April 7, 2013

UFO 2 on Kickstarter!

Yes, our favorite (and only) humorous sci-fi and fantasy anthology is back for another year. And this time with a lot more headliners, such as Mike Resnick and Jim C. Hines.

Submissions for the anthology itself will begin May 1st of this year--and unfortunately, the submission window is only open for one month, limit of two submissions per writer.(It was my 3rd or 4th submission that ultimately made it into the first anthology.) So choose wisely, I guess.

This is an anthology I believe is worth supporting, just because it's so rare to find editors willing to publish light, humorous material. Most markets are into the dark, moody stuff that gets real tiring after a while. And who doesn't like to laugh? (Although I will admit, I didn't laugh at all the stories.) But it's still a high quality anthology that's sure to have something you'll enjoy ... unless you're just a humorless ass. 

Another reason to support is to help the little guys. As the kickstarter description says, if they don't meet their goal, the anthology will still go forward, but it'll be thinner; and it'll be a hot day in Heaven if any of those headliners were to get axed. Plus, we had a quite a few W1S1 members in the first UFO, and it'd be awesome if that could continue.

So yeah, check it out, and share a few bucks if you can. Or spread the news like a plague--a plague of humor, of course.


  1. A plague of humor -- that should be the tagline! Not many gut-busters in the first volume, but I did enjoy your story and Deborah's. Some of the "headliner" contributions seemed a bit half-hearted to me.

    1. Not to mention that the headliners get to submit reprints, which I find a little...unfair. But hey, it's name recognition over substance, right? And if they're helping to sell the anthology, it's all good.