Friday, March 1, 2013

Universe Horribilis is here!

The latest anthology from the good people over at Third Flatiron has arrived, and contains my short story "Not Enough Hairspray"--about an agoraphobic Rapunzel and a young man's attempt to lure her outside.

Here's an except:

It's hard to find a hairbrush for hair like mine. Actually, my hair eats hairbrushes, snaps them right in half. And I'd chop it all off, maybe donate it to one of those foundations that makes wigs for people in chemo or for people with bad combovers, but my "mother" insists I keep it because it's so gosh darn perdy—oh, and she needs it to get into the tower. I keep telling her that she should buy a broom, and it's so much more convenient than a motor vehicle. For some reason, she takes offense to that.

I don't have much background on this story other than it was inspired by a Lightspeed (formerly Fantasy) story about Rapunzel's mother, but I wanted to do something upbeat and funny, with a little dark twist. If the voice sounds familiar, Rapunzel was the prototype voice for Lorelei in "The Ungreat Escape." I adored the voice so much, I had to use it again. 

You can pick up the anthology for $2.99 at either Amazon or Smashwords.

If anyone wants a free copy to review, by all means, please leave your email address in the comments and I'll forward it to the editor. 

And may the horribleness be with you!


  1. "Gosh darn perdy" -- liking that voice! Way to go, Siobhan. Any plans for an "Escape" sequel with Lorelei?

    1. I've got a few ideas for a Lorelei sequel, but lately, I've been more interested in my samurai chick with the chest-eyeball. :D But there will definitely be a Lorelei sequel in the future.