Sunday, February 3, 2013

W1S1 January Update

It's that time of month again--err, no, not Aunt Flow visiting. It's Write1Sub1! A little disappointing that there's no bloghop this month, and hope it hasn't been discontinued. Though I can understand, as not everyone participated like they should.

Anyway, onto stats.

Stories written: 1 (5,800-word story--my longest one yet!)
Stories submitted: 25 (some of these sim-subs)
Stories accepted: 1 
Stories rejected: 15
Rewrite request: 1

A nice boost to the new year with a sale to Third Flatiron for their Universe Horribilis anthology, which will be out March of this year. This is also one of the few publishers who pay on acceptance, so even nicer!

Not much else to add. I hit my goal last month of submitting to Cemetery Dance, and my goal this month is to sub to Innsmouth Free Press's Sword & Mythos anthology, which sounds like a lot of fun: mixing sword & sorcery fantasy with Lovecraftian mythos. Bring on the pulp!

Speaking of fantasy, another fantastic music video from Of Monster and Men, for their song "King and Lionheart." You really have to watch this, even if you don't like the music, because the fantasy art is amazing, and how they manage to build a world within 4 minutes of video.


  1. Keep up the good work! But seriously: first Florence, now Monsters? Do we have the same taste in music or something? I just downloaded My Head is an Animal in its entirety last week off iTunes -- something I very rarely ever do. Awesome stuff, and that video is frakkin' cool.

    1. Ha, we must have good taste in music then! Should swap music libraries sometime in the future. :)

  2. Congrats on your sale to Third Flatiron. That's great news! And good luck with the rewrite request in your list. :)

    1. Thanks! Yeah, I hope the rewrite request works out too.

  3. Good news all round. A hearty congratulation from this side of the pond.