Sunday, July 8, 2012

Lend a Fiend a Tentacle

Lovecraft eZine needs your help! No, I wasn't prompted to do this; I just really, really, really hate to see a good zine go under due to financial issues. And I think we've already lost too many good zines this year. If you follow the site, you know editor Mike Davis puts a lot of effort, updating almost daily with lots of neat, Lovecraft related stuff. He also publishes quality Lovecraftian stories, free for everyone's enjoyment. If you click the link and watch the video, he's also offering special contests for monthly donators. So if you can donate, that's awesome. If not, try to spread the word. 

And if you're a podcast reader or an artist, Lovecraft eZine could use you, too.

For something tentacle related, found this video on Youtube:

Don't know about you, but if I caught an octopus while finishing, I'd piss myself. Seriously, look at that thing!


  1. Another reason to avoid fishing.

    Another zine that went west a few years ago was Pantechnicon, but that was down to script kiddies hacking into the site on a regular basis.

  2. I hate to see good markets go the way of the Dodo. At least he's making an effort to drum up some support; so many markets just seem to vanish without a trace.

  3. So did the silly wanker in the video free the octopus or did he just keep thinking it was an underwater yo-yo?

    1. I think they ate it, haha. The guy says they couldn't have freed it because of the 6 inch hook in its mouth. So they gave it a merciful killing. :)

      (Side note: Octopuses aren't even close to becoming endangered, so it's all right with me that it became sushi, though I wouldn't eat it myself.)