Sunday, April 8, 2012

Flush Fiction is here! (or has been here)

Well, I'm a tad late announcing this, but better late than never. I was debating if I wanted to combine this post with the one for a contest I'm assembling, but decided, eh. (btw, if anyone can tell me how you do the list thingy, you know, where you sign up, I'd really appreciate it.)

Anyway, it's here! This is an anthology of 88 flash fiction stories--one of which happens to be mine--ranging across just about all genres.  

"Death by Anything" is my first publication (although not my first acceptance), and for the heck of it, I'll post my favorite bit of the story, because this is a fun, if not absurd, one.

The lightrail screamed to a stop, nearly throwing us all out of our seats. The conductor came on the intercom and squawked something, then went silent.
One woman cried out, “Did anyone hear what’s going on?”
Being the brilliant person that I am, I stood up and said, “It could be Anything!”
Everyone gasped and one lady fainted.
I shut up and sat down, because they all gave me that look like I was some Doomsayer. Well someone had to say it! We all know Anything can happen, no use in denying it. But then Panic started, and if there’s one thing worse than Anything, it’s Panic.

The story behind the story (because I always find it interesting where writer's get their ideas): Over on AW, I caught a particular comment made by someone who was a bit hasty with their keyboard, and it went: "... just as you can die from too much anything." Light bulb moment! My mind warped it into a literal statement, that indeed, too much Anything could kill you. Thus the story was born.

You can buy a copy of the anthology here! Or (if you live in the US) contact the publisher for a copy to review--just be sure to mention your blog/website. Or, wait for my contest to win a free copy. :)

Happy Easter everyone!


  1. Congratulations are in order.

    It's weird where we writers get our inspiration from sometimes.

    1. Thanks!

      lol, I've been told to lay off the drugs.

  2. Great excerpt -- love those light bulb moments. As far as list thingies go, the one we use at Write1Sub1 is from Mr. Linky's Magical Widgets -- hope that helps!

    1. Thanks! Especially for the widget, I was trying to find it.