Thursday, March 1, 2012

March of Madness (W1S1 update)

I guess you could say W1S1 is a maddening experience, but than again, aren't most writers just half a step away loonyville? *awkward silence* Soooo...stats for this month:

Stories written: 2 (a previously unfinished flash piece and 2,800-word humor-horror starring Steven! Poor guy, I really should give him a break--or not.)
Stories submitted:19
Stories accepted: 1
Stories rejected:15

That acceptance slipped in at the last minute. Eschatology, a very cool site that features Lovecraftian and post-apoc flash stories, will be publishing "The Storm" on the 11th of April! Which is cool because my other flash story in the Uncle John's Flush fiction anthology will also be coming out in April.

My goal for the month of March is to have stories submitted to Penumbra's Dream issue, and Dagan Books' BIBLIOTHECA FANTASTICA antho. I have the ideas down in my head, they just need to make their way to the word processor, and nothing like waiting to the last month, right?

In other news, The Uninvited is being unresponsive. I queried them after 60 days since on their site they say they respond within 60 days. That doesn't seem to be the case. I'll poke them again in another week, and hopefully get word, even if it's a "we're really busy right now." But I'd be wary of this zine for the time being, simply due to the lack of responses.  

And as tradition, something from Youtube. I must be into a indie mood, because I stumbled across this incredible music video Little Talks by Of Monsters and Men. It's a really nice upbeat tune and love how the video syncs up with the music. Oh, and remember how music videos use to tell a story? This one has a story! Enjoy!


  1. Hi.

    Congratulations on Eschatology, and on W1S1 in general.

    Great song and video. Never heard/seen that before.

    1. Thanks! And I forgot to congrat you on W1S1. Oops! >.<
      Glad you like the song/video. :) I think they're a relatively new band from Iceland.

      (And yay, I figured out how to reply to comments now, haha.)

  2. April's going to be your month! And well done on reaching your February Write1Sub1 goals, too.

  3. Congrats on your accomplishments - Eschatology pub, especially.

  4. Congratulations on hitting your Write1Sub1 goal for February.

    Dave K