Sunday, July 10, 2011

Just out of curiosity...

...would you read a novel about motherhood? Straight up motherhood, not a comedy about it. No, I'm not writing a novel about motherhood - wouldn't even dream of it. But I read this one blog about an author who did write such a book, because they wanted a book about "female" issues, instead of war, sex, and violence. Yeah, I'm not going to name the author, but it did get me thinking who would be interested in such a book. I'm a woman - well, I have ovaries so they must count - and I don't find the topic of motherhood to be an exciting read. Oh sure, there are trials and frustrations in motherhood, but where's the conflict?

Alien verse motherhood?
War, sex, and violence has oodles of conflict. That's why writers write about it and why readers love to read it. A book with no conflict is rather boring. I can't think of any conflict in motherhood of itself. However, the role of being a mother verse the role of being a employed (could be overworked, could be demanding) has ample conflict, but that's pitting motherhood against something, like Alien verse Predator.

Granted, I'm not a mother and this may be why it doesn't appeal to me. I'd actually be impressed if someone could write an engaging book about motherhood. However, I still feel like there would have to be something more than just motherhood, an event that shakes things up and turns the world on its side. Then again, motherhood may not be my cuppa.

Perhaps I'll just stick with freaky creatures and wormholes.