Friday, June 17, 2011

Living in a Monty Python world?

I was going to blog about something else, but my brain has been eaten by zombies, so going to cop out and go for pointing out the stupid (which is never hard to do).

 NY Archbishop Fears Gay Marriage Will Make Us Asian

The actual blog post

Once, there was a time when people said stupid stuff and others would just laugh at them and move on. Now, you get to be the target of  newscasters, Twitters, and blogs (and yes, I know the irony of this post).

How is this even news? Seriously. It's so absurd, it feels like it came from a Monty Python movie or something equally ridiculous. For me, I had a good chuckle at this, because I didn't take it seriously - I mean, how can you? The guy is clearly out of touch with reality, probably could use some help...and an atlas. He's on par with those crazy old ladies that keep a hundred cats in their home and who believe they can talk to their kitties. So why aren't crazy cat ladies seen more often in the news?*

I wouldn't be surprised if this were the result of a mad lib:

(adjective) (noun) will make us (noun).

Because this is the only way it can make sense. Or perhaps he's just an attention whore and thought up of the most ridiculous thing to say (a-la mad lib) to get viewers, kind of like how Lady Gaga dresses up in meat. Well, it worked.

Now back to your 'the world is a horrible, horrible place' and 'who-gives-a-crap' news. 

*Note: I'm not talking about ladies who throw cats away.

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