Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Awsome webcomic: 5ideways

 EDIT 7/5/2014: The web domain that formerly hosted the comic is now a food recipe blog. 

I know, I know. I've been particularly lazy about making blog posts, but there seems to be only so many hours in a day and my hours keep getting sucked away. One of these days I will reclaim those lost hours! Well...hopefully. Anyway, while researching about penanggalan (it's a vampiric witch that can detach its head from its body, entrails attached) I found this uber awesome webcomic: 5ideways!

I don't normally read webcomics, probably because I'm not much of a comic person, but this one had me hooked from the first sentence: Something went wrong the night I died.

The comic has an anime style, set on a post-apocalyptic earth where the majority of humans have either been eaten or transformed into monsters. We follow Tom and Alex as they try to find other survivors. They happen upon a girl named Emerald who isn't what she seems. They also team up with their old general from the army, who is now trapped in the undead body of a kid, and Axolott, a humanoid covered in mouths - mouths filled with fangs. The story is narrated by Tom's dead girlfriend, Corey, although, something has taken her form and still communicates with Tom. For better or for worse.

The bad news: This comic is unfinished and remains unfinished since 2008. Sadly, the artist has moved on to other comics, although, there is hope that she'll return to 5ideways. I just didn't want to see such an excellent piece of work fall by the wayside. (ha! get it?) The characters are real and very interesting,  I especially enjoy the banter between the general and Axolott, and the setting is creepy fun! And who knows, perhaps reading this will inspire you to come up with a topsy-turvy universe of your own.


  1. I'm not a huge comic person either, but I will check this out - thanks!

  2. Yeah, I've never gotten into comics, kinda like I've never gotten into Star Trek - it seems like something I'd enjoy, but somehow, I'm never hooked by it.

    Hope you find 5ideways entertaining, Shiela. :)
    It's not very long either, I read what was up in less than an hour. Then again, comics are always fast reads.