Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Blu-ray: WTF?

Okay, so the complete 4th season of Venture Bros., has come out and I should be super-uber excited, because I LOVE this series. But I'm bummed out. Why? Fucking blu-ray! Before, the series was split up into two dvd sets. I didn't want to pay more, so I waited for them to come out with the complete season, which they always do. What sucks is that they're trying to push you into blu-ray. I know this is all a marketing ploy, nothing the creators have control over. I just don't understand why they made the split ups dvds and the complete one a blu-ray, why can't we have both? I don't want to run out and pay $500 for a blu-ray, even though I know that's the way things are going, just like how VHS was phased out by DVD. I just want my complete 4th season on 1-2 discs like my other seasons. But yeah, going have to bite the bullet and get the separate season discs and shell out the extra bucks. It is their best season IMO so it's worth it, I'm just going to miss the convenience. And I do hope Adult Swim/Cartoon Network continues their contract, because really, it's the best show they have right now aside from FMA:Brotherhood. Don't even get me started on Childrens Hospital. Scrubs did it better - way, way better.

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