Sunday, February 13, 2011

Welcome Robots

*dusts blog off*

So you may or may not be wondering why the new post after almost 2 years of nothing. Honestly, I'm not interested in blogging, but since the publisher Angry Robot is hosting an open door submissions next month and I want to get in on the action, updating the old blog would help my chances out - assuming I have a chance, haha.

So what am I trying to submit?

My big project is a sci-fantasy (debating about calling it speculative fiction) about a young man who's possessed by an inter-dimensional parasite that he calls a "demon" as he tries to fight for control of his own body. That's the start of it at least.

I do want to go back to my magepunk (robots with magic). And yes, one day it will be a sub-genre! My project needs some reworking on the plot. That's what I get for not outlining. But as you can see, I'm really into cross-genres at the moment. I blame all the anime I watch; Japanese cartoons often mix up sci-fi and fantasy together, which I rather like as it makes things atypical. Even the last anime I watched, Air Master, had a tiny bit of fantasy in it. Although I'll admit it was really out of place considering the whole story revolved around an ex-gymnast turned street fighter. I recommend the series if you love fighting, even though the side plots are never wrapped up and the last episode has NO resolution. I have the feeling it was meant to have more seasons but for one reason or another they were never made.

Anyways, I'll try to update this more know, to get my "web presence" out there.

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